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Avon Ice tyre

we have a long term test on this tyre.

we are using this 'winter' tyre all year round on a Suzuki Jimny, possibly the worst car you could carry out a tyre test on.

January 2009: So far the tyre has exceeded all expectations with regards to: tyre noise (very good), wet weather handling (excellent), wet weather braking (superb), muddy roads (impressive), dry road handling (too good for the car), dry road braking (sixpence), and would you believe it, FANTASTIC in the snow and ice.

June 2010: we really did mean to do a regular update on this tyre, how it coped with the hot summer, the slippy roads caused by the first ran after a dry spell etc. The problem is the tyre just gets on with it, no drama, no crisis, no nonsense. Not any point have we thought we should have taken the 'winter' tyres off. So the question is why call it an 'Ice tyre', when you could call it 'a great all round year tyre that may trade off a little tyre life for better all round performance', mmmm Ice tyre does sound better. On the subject of 'may trade off a little tyre life for better all round performance' we have not found that to be the case, tyre wear looks good. Now if they only did them in a size for my Discovery!

January 2011: as you can see by our lack of regular reports, its been a very much fit and forget sort of thing. The tyres continue to impress and really did make a huge difference in this years poor weather, we hardly needed to put the car into 4x4 mode the tyres coped so well with the snow and ice.

June 2011: getting boring now, everything ok, had the car 'off road' the tyres coped fantastically well with the mud.

September 2012: after the wettest year I can remember the tyre has been fantastic, always reassuring and ‘surefooted’. Tyre wear was one of the early questions and some 4 years later it’s still got plenty of tread left. We have had one puncture, the metal spring bit off a cloths peg!! Repaired with no issues.

EBC Brakes

After two major brake fade issues in a Land Rover Discovery Automatic fitted with Mintex Pads, we decided enough was enough. As much as it saddens us to bin 3 month old bake pads, the 'will they, won't they fade' excitement was getting too much .

An extended hunt round the market and following a number of recommendations have settled on 'Yellow Stuff' EBC Brake pads.

They immediately have an advantage over some other 'up rated' or 'performance' brake pads in the simple fact of being ROAD legal, and just to underline that the Metropolitan Police Force use them.

It also helps that unlike some brake pads, the brake dust does not attack the finish on your alloy wheels.

we will be running regular updates on our progress


Richard  Egger Insurance

 one of the top motorsport insurance companies,

and very nice people,

If you are looking for motor insurance of any type AND motorsport you must try this company

Fortunately we have not occasion to test the claims department.

Off the Trail

 Supplies all those outdoor bits and pieces the professionals use that you can never buy at sensible prices or quality, Fast service, no quibble, operating via e bay.

We quote At Off the Trail we are committed to offering the best quality equipment at reasonable prices.  As committed outdoor enthusiasts with off-road drivers, walkers, climbers and bush-craft   experts on our team, we have first hand experience of needing to depend on our gear.  For that reason, we guarantee to never sell anything we would not use ourselves. And to be  honest, we probably have!

 Ghillie - Kettle

 If you are someone who values a decent cup of tea or other hot drink while out of the house these are a absolute must.

You simply remove the whistle, fill with water, light a small fire in the base, and wait. You will be genuinely amazed at how fast these boil the water, and you know when its ready, it whistles.

Manufactured in the UK, by traditional methods, out of tough aluminium, by a small company that cares.

We made our first cuppa by burning the paper it came in, its that simple. Available in 3 sizes, large (6cups) medium (4cups) and the 'you need more friends' size.

We quote: Water is poured into the spout. The whistle is added. The doughnut shaped tube/chimney contains the combustible material that lies in the bottom of the pan on which the kettle sits.

Once lit flames rise through the middle of the chimney. The hole at the side of the bottom of the pan allows more twigs, paper etc to be added and also allows oxygen to be sucked in as the flames rise (you can also add combustible items down through the centre of the chimney)
The whistle is a very good safety feature which blows when the water reaches boiling point, The Ghillie Kettle comes with full instructions, It is the only kettle on the market that has the safety feature of the whistle

Able to be used in harsh conditions: Wet and Windy. Quick, Clean and Durable. Simple to use, no need for gas or artificial fuel: Use twigs, fir cones dry leaves and news paper.

Rockstar Energy Drink,

its a refreshing energy drink with real fruit juice.

it does what its says on the tin, a fresh tasting energy dink without looking like a Chav

Red Kooga Energise

 is specifically formulated to help keep both mind and body on top form. Contains a natural source of caffeine (Guarana), the finest quality Ginseng and B vitamins.

we found it did everything it claimed without any determent when we stopped taking it. As quoted by a friend 'energy without feeling wired'.

Natural Insect Repellent,
offers excellent protection against a wide range of biting insects including midges and mosquitoes.


so you can Kill things and be environmentally friendly at the same time,
works fantastically well,
but have not tried it in the midge hell areas of Scotland

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Independent supplier of cars and vans on Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire
Independent supplier of cars and vans on direct supply or Cash basis
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Day out bags, walking day bags, Rucksack packing.
Ideas about what to have in them.
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Survival Bag, £3 each and can save your life, why doesn't everybody have one in the car / rucksack.
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